Kriega UScombo40 Drypack

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Kriega UScombo40 DrypackKriega’s collection of modular drypack systems comes in a variety of configurations ranging from five to 70 liters in capacity. The packs work by combining various sizes of individual bags (10-liter, 20-liter, or 30-liter) to achieve the desired amount of storage. I tried out the UScombo40, which is a 20-liter pack with a 10-liter pack strapped on each side. Installation is fairly straightforward if initially a bit time consuming. I attached the four anchor straps to my bike’s subframe beneath the passenger seat, leaving little loops poking out at the seat’s corners. The base 20-liter bag hooks into these loops and cinches tight, then the two 10-liter side bags strap to its sides. Though it’s nice to be spared the expense and bike-specific mounting hardware of a pannier system or topcase, the Kriega’s collection of straps is somewhat daunting (and be sure not to lose any). However, one very nice bonus is that when not in use, the four anchor straps tuck invisibly away under the passenger seat and can be left on the bike indefinitely, which greatly reduces mounting time for subsequent uses.

Capacity is good; I had no problem fitting in clothes and toiletries for three days as well as an iPad, some tools, and a little extra gear. I even had some room to spare. However, if you plan on making longer trips, say a week or more, I’d opt for the UScombo70, or use the UScombo40 in conjunction with some panniers.

Though I haven’t yet been caught in a real “gully washer” with the Drypack, I have absolute confidence in its 100-percent waterproof claim. The UScombo40 is constructed of a thick combination of Cordura, Rhinotek (an abrasion resistant and waterproof material), and Hypalon (often used for making inflatable boats). To seal the bags, simply roll up the open end and strap it shut. YKK water-resistant zippers close up the outer pockets. All in all, some seriously high-quality stuff, which assures me that (short of complete submersion), there’s no way that water’s getting in.

The UScombo40 Drypack is a good solution for those needing a flexible and waterproof luggage system and who don’t mind fussing with a few straps. Oh, and it looks pretty cool too.

Kriega UScombo40 Drypack

Price: $335

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