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iPhone AddictLast week I was embracing the simple life while being cut off from the world with my lack of Internet and technology. That was nice and my “detox” felt great, but I’m back baby! My iPhone 5 is in full force, barely making it through the day on a full charge. Here come some examples of just one day of riding with an iPhone.


Yesterday was day two of riding the western part of the Trans American Trail (TAT) with another RoadRUNNER blogger, Joe Trey (Adventure Hermit). We were heading from a friend’s cabin where we stayed the previous night. Joe was looking for 307, a small service road. His fancy Garmin Zumo 550 wouldn’t show a road that small so I just brought up Google Maps and found the road in a few seconds. Phone service is spotty, but as long as the area you are looking for is preloaded on the map, the built in GPS on the phone will work and track you with no phone reception. I could download an app that has maps preloaded to my phone, but those maps are not as detailed as Google Maps and we would have had the same problem as the Zumo 550 at that point. After a little more research, I discovered a rumor that Google may be making their maps downloadable. That would all but put Garmin out of business in my mind, and finally solve this navigation debacle.


This photo was taken with my iPhone as Joe was talking to his wife on his phone. Earlier in the day we had tried to sync our Sena SMH10 headsets together. We both had old versions that are not compatible with each other, bummer. Joe had his wife order us a new set that will be arriving at our hotel tomorrow afternoon. These headsets make a world of difference in communicating while we are trying to set up for photos.


Even though my headset won’t sync with Joe’s, I can still use it with my iPhone. This means that I can listen to music wirelessly through the speakers in my headset. At one point, I decided to call my best friend Nick to talk to him about the new bike. I just hit the phone button on the headset and spoke “Nick Rader” into the microphone. It called him and we had a conversation while traveling down the road. Pretty wild stuff.


Now we are at a hotel for the night. I emailed RoadRUNNER the photo that I took during the day and lay in bed typing up this blog post all on my iPhone. I actually made it through the day on a full charge, but I should really hook up that cigarette lighter tomorrow to be safe. I could have survived traveling without this phone, but it sure is a great tool. Now that the detox is over, I am back to being an iPhone addict.

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