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DetoxI’m back! I was gone, per usual, fishing for sockeye salmon in Alaska for the 11th summer in a row. It was a successful season with no major hiccups, except that it got in the way of my blogging for RoadRUNNER. Being away from the Internet (and society) for nearly two months every year has kind of turned into my annual therapy. It’s preventative medicine as a forced detox and cleanse from the Internet, culture, and our digital lives, as John Flores would probably say. Don’t get me wrong here. I love the Internet just as much as the next guy. It’s a great tool for researching, which is what I mostly use it for. Example: currently I am prepping for an exciting ride with another RoadRUNNER blogger, Joseph Trey aka the Adventure Hermit. The Internet is helping me search things like weather and maps so I can better prepare for what we will come across during our trip. What gear will I need to stay warm and dry? Will my chain and sprockets make the distance? Should I put on fresh rubber? With so much information out there, all these questions can be more easily answered and potential problems can be somewhat avoided. But, all this comes at a cost, and that cost is the excitement of the unknown. Now I’ll be turning 30 years old during this trip with Joe. I still feel really young, but I am old enough to remember taking trips in high school and college with no Internet to prep with. Those trips were full of the unknown and excitement. I remember going into an actual bookstore and studying hard copies of maps, dreaming up routes around the world. Flipping through the Lonely Planet books to get ideas of what a country has to offer. These days all this is done behind a computer screen or even on our phones. It’s great to be able to do these things and all this technology can really save our bacon at times, but it does come with a cost. All I am saying is that I was away from it all for nearly two months and it was a great reminder for me, as I blend back into society, to really think about how much time I am spending on my phone and on my computer researching random stuff all day long.

So for this trip with Joe, I apologize for not pulling my weight during the planning stage, but I am extra excited because of the unknown. Thank you Bristol Bay, AK for not having Internet available for me to research the western half of the T.A.T.

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