Ride the Divide – Day 9: We Need New Shoes

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Ride the Divide - Day 9: We Need New ShoesToday we chose to stay in the Salida area in order to explore a little as well as tend to some needed maintenance on the bikes. I had been in Salida a few years back while touring with my wife and became fond of it almost instantly, so being able to linger on here is a plus.

Dave and I spent the morning exploring St Elmo’s Ghost Town and running up the extremely popular Tincup Pass. ATVs and Jeeps were everywhere. All the way up and back down the pass, we were the only two wheelers. With our luggage stowed, our bikes ran the rocky pass like gazelles.

By mid-day we were in search of a location to do a tire and oil change. Stopping in at Rushton’s Auto Service in downtown Salida, I spoke with Dustin, the shop’s owner. I explained that we were traveling and in need of a place to do some maintenance on our bikes. As it turned out, Dustin is an avid motorcyclist and couldn’t have been more hospitable. Providing not only a location inside (out of the sun) to do the work, but a few extra tools that came in quite handy. Once again we are indebted to a total stranger (and new friend) for going out of his way to help us out.

Tomorrow, we bid adieu to Colorado and move on to New Mexico.

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