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And The World Spins Madly On

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And The World Spins Madly OnI borrowed the title of this post from a beautiful song by The Weepies. I actually sat down to write about a little helmet and goggles wearing dog I met on Skyline Drive; but I spoke with my sister Sue tonight and my focus changed. We had a nice conversation about life, about my nephews and grand niece Brianna who, at three, is excited to be starting dance classes. We reminded each other that it is the anniversary of our father’s passing 15 years ago and I thought it no minor coincidence that we happened to reach out to each other without realizing the underlying reason.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that my father’s death was the impetus for my deciding to start riding motorcycles. He passed away the same week in which I bought the house I still live in and am now in the midst of putting on the market. Mr. Bud was a month shy of his 58th birthday and just nine years older than I am right now. Every time I think seriously about that fact it both unnerves and motivates me.

If you were granted a look into the future and knew you had only nine more years what would you do? I know what I’d do. I’d admire more sunrises and sunsets; notice the air as it moves over me as I ride; approach strangers with a smile; try to the best of my ability to live in the moment and to make as many friends as I could; I’d try to right my wrongs as soon as I was aware of them and love as much as I was able. I know because I already do those things. I’m consciously aware that life is achingly short and there are no guarantees.

In speaking with my sister and remembering that bittersweet anniversary it was enough to be in the company of someone who’s felt that same loss, even though it need not be spoken of. I had the same feeling in Maggie Valley at the Touring Weekend when talking to others who I knew had suffered the same kind of loss. You never have to say it; a love of life and a compassion that blooms from the soil of such pain can’t be hidden, it peeks from behind the eyes and pushes at the corners of smiles.

As another page turns in the book of my life I don’t feel Mr. Bud’s absence as much as I feel his presence; loss, through tribute, sometimes gives birth to passion and motivation. We often make the mistake of thinking there will always be more time, it isn’t so. That’s another reason I love motorcycling as much as I do; it forces me to recognize and love “now” and to be present and to actively seek and accept joy as the world spins madly on. “The night is here, the day is gone, and the world spins madly on.

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