Of Motorcycles and Automobiles

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Of Motorcycles and AutomobilesIf more motorcycle companies made cars, what would they be like? The KTM X-Bow is a very unique vehicle, and it strikes me as a good reflection of KTM as a company. That got me thinking, what if other motorcycle companies made cars, what kind of cars would they be? Okay, obviously let’s leave BMW, Honda, and Suzuki out of this, we know what kind of cars they make, and the motorcycles and automobiles reflect each other very distinctly. Honda is known for well built, practical, and economical cars while BMW is known for high-performance, expensive, and maintenance intensive vehicles. And Suzuki, well, they don’t sell cars in the U.S. anymore anyway. But what if Harley-Davidson made cars? Or Ducati (no, Audi doesn’t count)? What if Porsche made motorcycles? What car company would you most like to see build a motorcycle, and which motorcycle manufacturer would you like to see build a car? What characteristics of their parent company would such a vehicle possess?

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