Ride the Divide – Day 5: The Kindness of Strangers

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Ride the Divide - Day 5: The Kindness of StrangersHeading west out of Montana, our route from Eureka on down has taken us through some awe inspiring scenery and challenged us at times. Today was no different. On our route through the outback we were showered by grasshoppers, I had a close call with a coyote, and, just shy of the Idaho border, Dave’s rear tire was punctured by a stray piece of metal.

The latter wasn’t an entirely bad thing as it allowed us to once again benefit from the kindness of strangers. Enter Batman and Robin, otherwise known as Gary and John. Both of these fine gentlemen were traveling the same back road route and stopped to lend a hand. Gary supplied the jack and moral support, John supplied an extra set of hands and a refreshing beverage after the job was complete.  As it turned out, both Gary and John are riders and outdoor enthusiasts as well. Great guys for sure.

Back on the road, we opted for pavement over the Teton Pass in order make up for lost time and we arrived at our planned destination, Pinedale, WY, just before sunset.

Tomorrow we head out across the high desert south and east towards the Colorado border.

Text and Photography by Brian Shaney

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