Day 4 – Ghosts, Gas, and Cows

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Day 4 - Ghosts, Gas, and Cows Today’s route out of Butte included a good mix of dirt, gravel, and pavement connectors. Sublime asphalt loaded with sweepers and switchbacks took us through the forest before connecting with what I think is called the Old Bannack Hwy. Old Bannack, a fantastically smooth dirt road, goes deep into Montana cattle country. Vast, wide-open spaces outlined by mountains in every direction. If I haven’t said it before, I will say it now, Montana is absolutely beautiful.

Along the way, we stopped in the ghost town of Coolidge to explore a little on foot. We didn’t see any ghosts, but we did find plenty of evidence of lives passed in the once fertile logging town.

The 204-mile stretch between fuel stops pushed our bike’s ranges to the limit. So much so that Dave found himself switching to reserve at 170 miles and sputtering out just short of 200. I carry one liter of extra fuel for just such an occasion and it came in handy, getting Dave within 200 feet of the fuel pump. He walked it in from there.

We end the day in the small town of Dell, MT not far from the Idaho and Wyoming borders.

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