Ride the Divide Day 3 – Rough Sailing

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Ride the Divide Day 3 - Rough SailingWe arrived this evening in Butte, but it wasn’t easy. Today’s route included some difficult roads. Steep rocky downhills that required a good mix of brake, clutch, and engine braking. Of course in order to go downhill we first had to go up. The rocky, rutted uphills took their toll. Dave had a spill on one particularly rough climb. Thankfully, only his pride suffered any damage. After we righted his bike, we made the decision to double back a few miles in search of an alternate route.

Unexpected whoopdees (catching air with 100+ pounds of luggage strapped to your bike is as much fun as it sounds), rocks, bigger rocks, ruts, and did I mention the bear dung? All this made for an interesting and exhausting day’s ride and two tired bodies.

Tomorrow we continue on south towards the Montana – Wyoming border.

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