Adventure Power Foldable Solar Panel

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Adventure Power Foldable Solar PanelElectricity. You don’t think about it until you don’t have any, and when you’re riding far away from civilization, there just aren’t many sources to be found. Luckily, there’s a big one—the sun. That big burning ball of hydrogen 93 million miles away is radiating all the energy we could ever need, and Adventure Power’s foldable solar panels allow you to capture it.

When I first got the Adventure Travel Ten and Adventure Travel Four solar panels, I was immediately struck by how small (and portable) they actually are. The Adventure Ten, which is the larger and more powerful of the panels, measures only 9 by 6.5 by .5 inches when folded up, small enough to pack easily. When unfolded, the panel triples in size to allow it to capture plenty of solar energy, which it does. My first test involved setting it up inside my office window and plugging in my iPhone. In less than two hours my phone, which had been at 49 percent, was fully charged—straight from the sun!

The Travel Ten features a 10-watt solar panel, which pumps out five volts to each of its two USB ports, while the Travel Four’s 4-watt panel sends its five volts to only one port. The devices are easy to use: simply unfold the panel, place it in direct sunlight, wait a couple minutes for it to warm up, and plug in whatever you need to charge.

One thing that does tend to disturb charging is any interruption in sunlight, such as traveling through an underpass or the presence of clouds. When this happens you have to unplug and re-plug the device to reinitiate its charging cycle. Despite this minor annoyance, the Adventure Travel solar panels exceeded my expectations; they truly have the ability to give your electro-gadgets some juice anywhere under the sun.

Adventure Travel 10, $99
Adventure Travel 4, $49

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