New Feature: City Escapes

Apr 02, 2013 View Comments by

cityescapeWhen we’re out at trade shows and rallies, or just enjoying a ride with some fellow motorcyclists, we often hear that, as much as they’d love to take all the tours they see in the pages of RoadRUNNER, many riders simply don’t have the time. This is a common issue for all of us, we have so many places we want to go and see, but with life and our daily responsibilities, little time to actually go see them. Thankfully, even a short day ride can bring a lot of joy to a motorcyclist. With this in mind, we created RoadRUNNER’s “City Escapes.” This new section, which will be available for free on our website (including downloadable maps and GPS files) as well as in the magazine, will feature day rides out of major U.S. cities. These rides will pack twisty backroads, interesting attractions, great meet up and lunch spots, and beautiful landscapes all into a route easily accomplished in a day. RoadRUNNER’s City Escapes give every time strapped motorcyclist yet another reason to look forward to the weekend. Look for the new City Escapes section in the June 2013 issue of RoadRUNNER magazine as well as here on our blog.

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