Interview with Brian Smyj: Stunt Coordinator for The Place Beyond the Pines

Mar 29, 2013 View Comments by

Bryan Smyj: Stunt Coordinator for The Place Beyond the PinesWith a filmography that includes movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Limitless, I Am Legend, Gladiator, The Bourne Ultimatum, The Dark Knight Rises, and literally dozens more, Brian Smyj (pronounced Smy) is truly a veteran Hollywood stuntman. He recently spoke to us over the phone about his latest film, The Place Beyond the Pines staring Ryan Gosling. The film, which opens in theaters March 29, follows the life of motorcycle stuntman Luke (Ryan Gosling) as he discovers the family he didn’t know he had and struggles to provide for them. Without giving away any more of the plot, the film is rife with spectacular motorcycle stunts and chases, which is where Brian comes in. Brian served as the film’s stunt director and in the following interview he discusses his own history with motorcycles, and what it takes to bring two-wheeled action to the big screen.

Check out the trailer for The Place Beyond the Pines below.


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