KTM E-Speed Electric Scooter

Mar 26, 2013 View Comments by

KTM E-Speed Electric Scooter Over the weekend, KTM unveiled their latest venture into the world of electron motivation at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show. The E-Speed is designed for urban mobility (read: short distances) and is powered by a liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor producing 36Nm (about 27 foot pounds) of torque and 11kW (about 15 hp) of power. A 4.36kWh lithium-ion battery pack provides a steady stream of electrons. The pack can be charged in around two-hours from a 220V socket (you may want to unplug your dryer). The electric scoot from Mattighofen weighs just over 300 pounds, which, coupled with the instant torque characteristic of electric motors, should make for sprightly performance. The handling should be impressive too; the E-Speed’s battery casing is used as a load-bearing chassis component to which the swing-arm, motor, and the sub-frame for the front suspension are attached. Suspension components are sourced from WP. Reigning in all this electro-fun are fore and aft 220mm disc brakes with linked ABS as well as regenerative braking to recapture some of that lost energy. Range is limited to only 60km (about 37 miles), which pretty well confines this scooter to city life. Even so, we’re betting you’ll be hard pressed to find an around-town scoot that is as good looking and fun as this one’s going to be, assuming, that is, that the E-Speed makes it into production.

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