RoadRUNNER Counts Down Top 5 Summer Vacation Destinations

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Since we are a touring and TRAVEL magazine, RoadRUNNER has decided to count down our list of the top five vacation destinations on earth. Enjoy…

RoadRUNNER's Top Five Vacation Destinations5. Paris, France

Ah Paris, the city of lights…. there’s just so much to love, you’ve got the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, an art museum or two, loads of trash, Renaults everywhere…. well that went downhill quickly. In addition to the trash and Renaults, another fatal flaw in the world’s most over-romanticized city is that it is, rather unfortunately, very crowded, which is why it only just squeaks onto our list.


RoadRUNNER's Top Five Vacation Destinations4. The Caribbean, Love

White sand, turquoise water, rum…the Caribbean certainly seems like paradise, however if we’ve learned anything from the recent plight of our fellow humans on that stranded cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico, it’s that tropical vacations aren’t all cabana boys and fancy drinks in coconut shells. In spite of this, the Caribbean still makes our list for two important reasons: 1. Jack Sparrow. And 2. It’s much less crowded.



ChugachMountains3. Alaska, USA

Perhaps one of the wilder places left on Earth, Alaska is a nature lover’s paradise. With its abundant wildlife, dramatic glaciers, and towering snow capped mountains, Alaska certainly is big, and that’s the problem with nature, there’s just so much of it, and anyway, who wants their vacation to look like this?



2. Delaware, USA (click to see)


RoadRUNNER's Top Five Vacation Destinations1. RoadRUNNER’s Annual Touring Weekend in Maggie Valley, NC

Really, we all knew where this was going. Sure, you could spend your precious few vacation days relaxing on some exotic beach or exploring far off lands, but then you’d be missing out on hanging out with the RoadRUNNER crew! You’d also miss all the great riding, food, and camaraderie that can only be found in one place. So forget about all the other places you could go, and head on down to Maggie Valley July 11-14, 2013, trust us, you’ll be glad you did!

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