It’s What You Make It

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It's What You Make It

I’m in Maui, HI right now dodging the coldness of Michigan. I have a couple friends who live here and have been urging me to visit for quite a while now. Just getting off the plane, I understood why. My three short weeks of vacation have already reached their waning portion, and I wish I had planned for more time. Ideally, I would buy a motorcycle off Craigslist, and sell it before I leave, but I don’t quite have enough time to make it worth it. Street bike rentals are over budget, but after a little bit of research, I come across a guy renting scooters out of his garage for $25 a day. I can handle that, but 50cc’s are a little weak. More prodding on the phone with some on-the-fly Luke Swab negotiation and I score a 150cc scoot for $30 a day.

It’s 10% bike 90% rider right? So I don’t need a 1200cc BMW to have fun. My little Genuine Buddy will do the trick. After being here for almost two weeks now, I have started to make friends (which only makes me want to stay longer). So today I’m riding with a local, Kalani Prince. He on his highly modified WR250R and me on my lil’ Buddy, two completely different rigs. Does that matter though? No. It’s all about using what you have, and for some that may be an old Honda Rebel or a beat up KLR, but for me today in Maui, it means a doggy, 150cc thumper with four inches of ground clearance and a $250 security deposit. So we teamed up today and conquered the world, or at least that’s how I felt. I can say with confidence that today I put more off road miles on the Buddy than she could’ve ever dreamed of. Take a look at this photo right here. To get the scooter positioned for the shot, Kalani and I had to work together to pull the bike over rocks and boulders, all while maintaining adequate balance to keep us and the bike from falling over the edge of the cliff, sketchy indeed, but always worth it in the end.

The point of all this rambling is to use the tool in the shed. Play the hand you were dealt.  Use what you’ve got. It’s more about your attitude than the bike. I had a complete blast today, probably too much fun. Hill climbs, mud puddles, bottoming out numerous times, I loved it all, and I don’t see how I could have had more fun on any other bike. Now I just need to give the scoot a nice wash, and hope the rental guy doesn’t see this blog post before he refunds me my security deposit.


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