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A Few Thoughts on Helmet Laws

Oct 20, 2012 View Comments by

We’ve all heard the old Bell Helmet’s ad, “if you’ve got a ten-dollar head, wear a ten-dollar helmet.” Following that line of logic, what does it say about the value of your noggin if you don’t wear a helmet at all? Unfortunately, helmet use and helmet laws can be a controversial topic among motorcyclists with […]

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Project Bike Upgrade Evaluations: Fully Farkled BMW F 650 GS

Oct 19, 2012 View Comments by

RoadRUNNER’s publisher, Christa Neuhauser, asked me to ride the BMW F 650 GS that Jim Parks has done a series of articles on, and to give my evaluation of the added aftermarket items. The timing coincided nicely with my being in Maggie Valley for the annual RoadRUNNER Touring Weekend, allowing me to ride the BMW […]

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Dainese G. Xantum D-Dry Jacket and P. Tomsk D-Dry Pants

Oct 18, 2012 View Comments by

I wore the Dainese jacket and pants on three separate tours. They provided comfortable and effective protection. The outer shell of both the jacket and pants are constructed of Dainese’s D-DRY material, developed by the Dainese Technology Center. The garments have wind-proofing and waterproofing protection, while retaining breathability for rider comfort. A full-sleeve length thermal […]

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Tour Master Solution 2.0 WP Road Boots

Oct 17, 2012 View Comments by

Motorcycle boots don’t have to be expensive, uncomfortable, or soak up water like a sponge. Tour Master, known for quality motorcycle touring products, recently introduced a completely updated version of its popular Solution boots, the Solution 2.0 WP. They’re made from water-repellent leather and employ an improved waterproof, breathable membrane to keep your feet dry […]

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EagleRider Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Oct 16, 2012 View Comments by

EagleRider, which happens to be the world’s largest motorcycle rental and tour company, celebrated its 20th anniversary with a gala multi-day event held at its corporate headquarters in Hawthorne, CA–and we were there. Since its founding in 1992, EagleRider has served more than a half million customers, bought more than $250 million worth of motorcycles […]

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GoPro Smart Phone App

Oct 15, 2012 View Comments by

Adjusting the settings of a camera that’s mounted to your helmet just became a whole lot easier. GoPro, makers of helmet and otherwise mounted cameras, has just released an app allowing you to change camera settings, frame your shot, and access GoPro related content right from your phone. The app is compatible exclusively with GoPro’s […]

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MotoGP 2012: Motegi – Race Report

Oct 14, 2012 View Comments by

In an enthralling MotoGP™ race at the AirAsia Grand Prix of Japan in Motegi it was Repsol Honda Team’s Dani Pedrosa who closed the gap in the title fight further with a strong win ahead of Jorge Lorenzo and Álvaro Bautista. It was Yamaha Factory Racing’s Lorenzo who got away best, yet had to be […]

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I Got Myself Here

Oct 14, 2012 View Comments by

Cori and I have a lot of interesting conversations. We’re lucky in that we share a certain temperament and view of the world so when one of us has something to say, the other always knows it’s something we’ll want to hear. One night we were talking about the significant trips we’ve taken; significant not […]

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Blue Ridge Parkway Travel Planner App

Oct 13, 2012 View Comments by

During the height of the Great Depression, Roosevelt’s “New Deal” began a plethora of public works projects across the country in an effort to provide jobs for out of work Americans. Regardless of your views on the soundness of this strategy, as motorcyclists it’s hard to argue with one result—the Blue Ridge Parkway. Connecting the […]

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A Motorcyclist’s Life: Riding With Young Passengers

Oct 12, 2012 View Comments by

A lot of motorcyclists like to share the thrill of riding with family members and friends. Some even enjoy introducing their kids to riding at a very young age. However, when it comes to young passengers and motorcycles, a lot of riders don’t know if there are age restrictions or special precautions they must take […]

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Only in India

Oct 11, 2012 View Comments by

As any traveler in India will tell you, your senses are bombarded with not only sounds (the incessant use of the horn), but also signs! Signs on the roads, in shops, restaurants, and hotels. There is a sign for everything and usually more than one. The road signs here are supposed to be simple yet […]

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Oct 10, 2012 View Comments by

Last Saturday afternoon I was driving in my car and found myself behind a couple riding two-up on a Harley out for a weekend ride. The weather was gorgeous, bright and clear and I found myself envying them being able to get out and ride while I was stuck in my car. As a motorcyclist […]

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2013 BMW R 1200 GS

Oct 09, 2012 View Comments by

After all the speculation, rumors, and leaked spy shots of a redesigned BMW R 1200 GS have had you on the edge of your motorcycle seat, well…it’s true. The Bavarian company has done a complete overhaul for 2013, which will be the big dual sport’s 10th year of production. BMW Motorrad presented this new über […]

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The Norton Shirt

Oct 08, 2012 View Comments by

The white sheet of paper trembled in my hand, the main paragraph started with one of the most important sentences of my life: “Welcome to the B-52 aerial gunnery school.” I had just been accepted to the school to become a B-52 gunner; a life long dream had come true. But not for long. Thirty days later […]

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RoadRUNNER Touring Weekend 2012 Video

Oct 07, 2012 View Comments by

Barry Bennett (Pensacola, FL) decided to document his experience of the RoadRUNNER Touring Weekend 2012 in Maggie Valley, NC. Equipped with a BMW K1200 LT and a video camera, he recorded parts of his trip to the Appalachians, the event, and a few breathtaking action shots while riding in Sport Touring Group #3.

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