HELMETLOK Enters Its Second Generation

Oct 24, 2012 View Comments by

No one likes having to carry their helmet with them once they arrive at their destination, but leaving a helmet with your bike could easily lead to it being stolen. Perhaps one of the simplest solutions to this dilemma is the HELMETLOK from Rocky Creek Designs. Basically a large carabiner with a combination lock, the HELMETLOK is designed to lock the D-ring on your helmet to the frame of your bike. The second generation, called the HELMETLOK II, improves upon the last one with a larger size to accommodate even the thickest frames, a four- instead of three-digit combo lock, and the use of 100 percent recyclable thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) instead of the previous lock’s rubber coating. The lock itself is made of a zinc-alloy while the ring is made of aluminum and is coated with TPE to prevent scratching the frame. The HELMETLOK II retails for $26.90 and will be available in December 2012. Go to www.helmetlok.com for more info.

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