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As any traveler in India will tell you, your senses are bombarded with not only sounds (the incessant use of the horn), but also signs! Signs on the roads, in shops, restaurants, and hotels. There is a sign for everything and usually more than one. The road signs here are supposed to be simple yet meaningful, but we can’t help it, we just find them funny. It’s hard enough trying to concentrate on what’s happening on the road around you, let alone trying to stop yourself from falling off the bike from laughing so much.

Here are a just a few of the noteworthy signs that we weren’t able to stop and take photos of:

  • The more you hurry more you worry
  • Don’t dream otherwise you will scream
  • Be Mr Late better than Late Mr
  • If married divorce speed
  • Do not be rash and end in crash
  • Be slower on the earth than quicker to eternity

It is almost impossible to take photos of every single one, but we managed to grab a few in between battling for our position on the road. These road signs are a hilarious way to warn drivers to reduce their speed. But the funniest thing is, generally the roads in India are so bad or so congested that you couldn’t speed even if you wanted to! Is there a little man somewhere within the Border Roads Organization (BRO) in India whose job is to make up these notices? What would be the sign on his door I wonder?


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