Cabin Fever

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Weekend before last, Kathy and I had the unenviable task of taking RoadRUNNER’s latest test beast out for a little shakedown ride. Honda’s 2012 CB1000R was in the company garage and needed a little exercise. Christa and Florian’s touring schedules had them on the road just as my schedule curiously opened up. Imagine that? Seeing as how we are a touring publication and two-wheel travel is somewhat mandatory around here, I thought it best to give the li’l street fighter a two-up romp across our nearby Appalachian spaghetti stretches. Like most good brawlers, the CB1000R comes out swinging, delivering an immediate rush of adrenaline goodness to the fool fortunate enough to be twisting the throttle. Just the initial ride home delivered a sensation that—well, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews put it best when he once said, “I felt this thrill going up my leg.” When I got home and began babble-gushing about the bike, Kathy rolled her eyes and said something about the joys of putting yet another lawyer’s kid through college just before expressing concern about the suitability of the passenger seat. Ummm . . . I think it has a passenger seat.

While the passenger perch does look anemic, it proved passable to the Pillion Queen. Kathy has certainly met a few saddles she didn’t like, but never has one prevented her from taking the B-seat and going for a ride. Well, OK, there is the XL600R. After less than a hundred miles, she told me I could go ahead and strip the passenger pegs. Maybe it was the wheelies and the dirt roads . . .

Anyway, we decided to throw some saddlebags on the CB1000R and give it a little overnighter exercise. Just north of Mayberry RFD (that’s Mt. Airy, NC, in real life), we peeled off on to Orchard Gap Road and headed skyward. At the top of the Blue Ridge, we once again gazed at the cool-looking cluster of cabins perched atop a neatly manicured lawn overlooking the Blue Ridge Parkway. We’ve been admiring these joints for a long time, sure that they were far out of our price range, especially considering the prime real estate they occupy. Then, on a whim, Kathy suggested we bite the bullet and just stay there and get it out of our collective system. Eh, what the hell, we got a decent tax return.

As we slowly wheeled around the gravel drive toward the office, the well-kempt Lonesome Pine Cabins affirmed my suspicion that we’d be leaving without an arm and a leg. Imagine my surprise when the friendly innkeeper informed me that the one remaining cabin could be ours for right at $100. He even tossed me the key and let me check it out first. Kathy was absolutely ecstatic and declared that she had a new favorite place. Sure, it’s only an hour from home, but it is right in the heart of our favorite riding area, has porches with rockers, is clean and very quiet, overlooks the Blue Ridge Parkway, and only set us back a Benjamin and change. Did I mention the kitchenettes with a coffeemaker? Be sure to bring your favorite beans; the morning java with the view could be the best part. Well, the previous night’s wine with a view could be argued as well. Come to think of it, that is a very difficult conundrum indeed. Damn the luck, I guess we’ll have to go back and get this all sorted out.

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