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May 27, 2012 View Comments by

I ride along a perfect ribbon of pavement as a myriad of shades of green appear in the distance, lose focus, and then disappear behind me in a blur – the green rushing toward me and disappearing ahead at the same time into an endless single shade of blue.

There’s no yesterday, no tomorrow, no future, no past – nothing beyond the push and pull on the bars; the voice and vibrato of the machine that is now fused to me as I enable it to fulfill its purpose; the feel of the response to the slightest flick of the wrist; the entry and exit points of the next turn; the counter-steer; the lean angle and the dazzling sensory explosion of emotion as mind, body and machine coalesce into a perfect unit in search of only one goal: to be smooth, to process what’s approaching me, to interpret it, respond to it, and have it pass me by without a ripple in my rhythm.

It’s a perfect place I’m in. I am the dog with his head out the car window; she’s just said yes; school has let out early; I’ve caught the fly ball in the sweet spot of the glove; I’ve made the tag; scored the goal; tackled for a loss; beaten the buzzer; slain the dragon; rescued the damsel; aced the test; gotten the number and landed the job.

Laughing as I ride I can’t remember how far I have to go as the wind I’m creating blasts the thoughts of serious things off my body before they can settle into my brain and remind me that I have other concerns. Not today, at least not right now. Now is perfect. Now is enough, and there’s a little more of now right around the next bend, and the one after that.

If I could I would tear off pieces, giant chunks in fact, of this experience with my bare hands and give them to people who needed them; people I ache to see as happy as I’ve just been for however long the ride lasted. I’d give the pieces away willingly – it’s that good and I know there’s more. There’s enough for everyone and I know where to find it.

When the ride nears its end it’s with an odd mix of emotions: glad to have ridden and accomplished the goal, yet melancholy that the goal has been accomplished and there’s no more road for today. Today’s ride will mill around awhile and then obediently find its cozy place in my memory to be called upon whenever I want to remember what this feeling is like. Each ride is unique, each special, each perfect in its own way, each a paragraph in a story that picks up from the last and leads to the next.

The promise of tomorrow is enough though; tomorrow’s potential and the memory of today are enough to sustain me until it’s time to suit up and feel this again. It won’t be long, I know.

Tomorrow I ride.

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I have been motorcycle commuting since 1998. I created Zen Motorcyclist (formerly Commuting Motorcyclist) in 2011 and work as a motojournalist, software developer, CAD designer and IT/CAD manager in the Surveying and Civil Engineering field.