AGV T-2 Replica Giacomo Agostini Helmet

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Italian-born Giacomo Agostini excited many during his road-racing reign between ’64 and ’77, and he has an astonishing 15 World Championship titles to show for it. AGV revives this excitement with the release of a T-2 helmet with Ago’s modernized helmet design. It prominently features Il Tricolore—the Italian flag—and his nickname, Ago, along with his signature, a gold star for every World Championship victory, and a golden swoosh.

The helmet securely rests on the head with contact points similar to a crown—how fitting, given the circumstances—and is held in place by large cheek pads. Some helmets get uncomfortable around the ears after a while and eventually cause slight pain. The AGV T-2 is definitely my choice for long-distance touring; the padding around the ear is minimal and my ears have plenty of room. I even fitted speakers for a communication system into the helmet.

The ventilation system has three main air-intake points that can be opened or closed. One is in the bottom front and easily opens or closes by pushing a slider up or down with the thumb on the inside of the helmet near the chin. It controls airflow to the face and channels air to the sides of the helmet. Two more intakes on top supply cooling airflow along the top of the head. However, the slider next to the top vents tends to be difficult to open and close while riding and wearing gloves. These vents are best adjusted when off the bike.

Sizes: XS–XL
Colors: (only one design)
Price: $ 409.95

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