Sidi ST Air Boots

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By just looking at the Sidi ST, it is immediately clear this boot is in the business of protection. The sturdy exoskeleton is composed of an external ankle brace system and a shin guard that wraps around to also afford solid protection for the calf. This construction ensures ample protection from twisting the ankle and overstretching the tendon by guiding the foot movement with a hinge at the ankle and limiting the range of the movement. The heel is protected by the replaceable, shock-absorbing heel cup, and the toes can wiggle safely behind the replaceable toe sliders.

The boot’s design is undoubtedly influenced by its off-road motorcycle boot cousins, and the extensive outer protective plates are not the only indication of that. An adjustable cam-lock buckle at the top of each side offers a quick way to get in or out, and once undone it allows the protective shell to be peeled back. Below the buckle is a large Velcro patch and a full-height zipper that secures the foot in the boot. Even with all the extra hardware, it still feels light, and in combination with the breathable padding on the inside, it does not lose its comfort even after many hours of riding.

The boot also comes in the Air variety, which differs only in the fact that the leather is heavily perforated to allow more airflow on hot summer days.

Sizes: 6–15
Colors: black, black/white
Price: $ 395.00

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