Aprilia Tankbag and Side Cases and Racks

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I wanted a light, comfortable, nimble, sporty, and fun motorcycle, and after a well-researched decision found myself on top of an Aprilia Dorsoduro 750. One of the first upgrades I made to make it more touring-friendly was the addition of a tankbag and side cases. Luckily, Aprilia created a luggage system specifically for the Dorsoduro. The tankbag requires a tank cover to be installed first. The cover, made of nylon and PVC, is put on by connecting two straps to bolts under the seat and by fixing three more straps to the sides and front of the bike. Though the manual did not say this, I cut off some of the excessive straps on the sides, as their fluttering in the wind punished my knees while riding. Overall, the installation takes less than 10 minutes, and the tankbag can quickly be connected on top of the cover via two plastic buckles near the handlebar and a micrometric closure near the seat. The tankbag has two compartments. The small one at the top is about three inches deep and is suitable for a wallet, a cell phone, an E-ZPass, a not-in-use GPS unit, and a map. The bigger compartment below is about 8 inches deep and 11 inches wide, and it easily fit my rain gear, an extra set of gloves, and a kickstand pad. Both compartments are accessed via two zippers that almost completely surround the tankbag. When fueling the bike, the tankbag has to be removed, which is relatively simple given the easy-to-use buckles that fasten the bag to the tank cover.

The side case rack, which consists of three metal parts, took a bit longer to install and required two holes to be drilled in the tail-end plastics. Given the large drill bit required, a trip to the local hardware store was inevitable. Once installed, the side cases snapped easily and securely onto the rack; they can be taken off quickly by pressing a wide release button on the back. The side cases have a 42-liter capacity and lockable zip closures. All bags come with rain hoods to protect the contents, though I noticed after a heavy summer rain some water still penetrated the side cases from the unprotected back side.

Aprilia’s Dorsoduro luggage system allows me to take the bike on multiday tours without having to leave any of the essentials at home.

Color: black
Price: $ 136.99

Tank Cover
Color: black
Price: $ 136.99

Side Cases
Color: black
Price: $ 470.99

Side Case Racks
Price: $ 189.99

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