BMW C 600 and C 650 GT Scooters

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BMW is coming back into the scooter market with two scooters: the C 600 for the sportier rider, and the C 650 GT for the touring enthusiast. In 2002, BMW produced a scooter called the C1 (the one with the roof), but it tried too hard to remake an entire segment. This time around the Bavarians just want to be the best in the already established scooter market.

Both machines will have the same engine. The 647cc inline two-cylinder puts out 60hp at 7500 rpm. To establish a low center of gravity, engineers placed the engine at a 70 degree angle towards the front. The scoots use a directly integrated CVT (continuously variable transmission)  and an easy to maintain drive shaft. Suspension and tires remind more of motorcycles than scooters. In the front the upside-down fork measures 40mm (1.5″), and in the rear a shock is located on the left side. The tire width and diameters resemble those on motorcycles.

ABS brakes are standard on both models with 270mm dual disc front brakes and a single on the rear.

The instrument panel features a large LCD display with integrated tachometer and an analogue speedometer. A great feature is the parking brake that activates itself once the kickstand is out.

Differences between C 600 and C 600 GT

The C 600 has a 810mm (31.8″) seat height, a manually adjustable windscreen with three positions, while the C 650 GT has a bigger, more comfortable seat (780mm – 30.7″) with an adjustable backrest, taller handlebar, and a bigger windshield that can be adjusted by 10cm (4″) with the push of a button. For passenger comfort: the C 650 GT offers floorboards instead of foot pegs.

The GT reminds of the bigger touring motorcycles visually, while the sportier C 600 is slimmer. The touring version has 60 Liter luggage storage that can swallow 2 full-face helmets. The C 600 uses the FlexCase, a system that lets the user expand the storage space white the scooter is upright and not in use.

Prices have not been announced.

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