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Everybody has a routine; from the time you get up in the morning and get ready for the day to flipping your favorite meat on the grill. It’s a process that gets repeated over and over again, because it works. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The same goes for me when I gear up for a ride. Under all the shiny armor, the reinforced Kevlar®, and the waterproof membranes is the most important clothing – undergarments. The layer that keeps you comfortable and dry during a long day in the saddle. Because I try just about every type of clothing for motorcycling, I pick only the best of the best for my long trips. It’s my routine. I know which products provide me with the best solutions. Before any motorcycle gear goes on, the LD Comfort Riding Tights are put on first. They keep me cool in the brutal summer heat, and warm in colder weather. And because the tights cover my whole lower body, I don’t have any issues with sock length or boots that are digging into my skin. Although I usually sport RoadRUNNER socks that keep my feet happy.

The undergarments perform great in extreme heat. I wore the long sleeved shirt during the BMW MOA Rally in Bloomsburg, PA, where temperatures rose to well above 100 degrees. Before riding I dipped the shirt in water at the sleeves, and poured some water down my neck. The important step to making this process successful is closing all the vents, so a mesh jacket won’t work at all. Opening of the cuffs lets the air in, then the evaporated water cools the inside of the jacket. If all the vents are open, then the hot air will just flow through everything. I needed all the help I could get riding an Electra Glide® Ultra Limited. Shielded from the precious air behind the fairing, my LD Comfort undergarments made a big difference.

Another product in LD Comfort’s lineup is a helmet liner. It’s not your typical liner though. The tail end covers the neck from sun exposure and the ties create a comfortable fit. Best of all, my head never itches when riding with this liner. I’m sure most motorcyclists are aware of the helmet itch, which results from excessive shaking of the head while riding or even trying to poke a finger between head and helmet. I’ve always wore a silk balaclava while riding, but it was quickly replaced when Mario from LD Comfort introduced me to his newest product, the helmet liner.



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