Large MotoFizz Camping Seat Bag

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Loading camping gear onto a motorcycle is a challenging task. The standard routine involves stuffing all bag to capacity then securing them with various straps and nets. This task can be made easier, however, thanks to the Large MotoFizz Camping Seat Bag, available exclusively at Aerostich/Riderwearhouse.

Measuring 14 inches deep, 14 inches tall and 21 inches wide (28 inches expanded), this fabric footlocker dwarfs conventional tail and seat bags. It easily swallowed my tent, two compact sleeping bags, pillows, cooking gear, and a folded cooler and bucket.

Mounting the bag is simple thanks to four adjustable, lasso-style straps with clips that wrap around any frame or luggage rack. The bag contains a plethora of useful features, including an insulated drink holder, external D-rings laced with a small bungee cord, access openings at both ends as well as on top, and two zippered compartments on the ends, one of which is removable. There is a waterproof bag with drawstring closure under the top flap, a rain cover, and internal and external straps to secure loads. Constructed of coated nylon fabrics, the bag is infinitely functional without being gimmicky.

A word of caution: This bag is capable of holding enough weight to exceed your bike’s luggage-rack capacity and can affect the bike’s handling if improperly packed and positioned, so pack appropriately.


Color: black, gray
Price: $197

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