Building the Ultimate Adventure Motorcycle

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I wish I’d had this book before I set out for Panama on my KLR™650! This well-illustrated and practical tome is the third in a Haynes adventure motorcycling series, written or co-authored by Robert Wicks. It provides extensive coverage on selecting and preparing an adventure motorcycle for an epic ride. In eight chapters the book covers modern adventure motorcycles thoroughly and extensively. It includes choosing a bike, equipment and accessories, luggage, personal kit, two case studies of the BMW G 650 X-Challenge and F 650 GS, and competition rally raid motorcycles. The book also covers tire choice, preferred luggage systems, navigation and communication equipment, and includes 12 rider profiles. There are lists of sources, useful books, and every kind of product you might need.
This is arguably the most comprehensive reference guide ever compiled on adventure motorcycling. The text is easy to follow and with 300 quality color images everything is presented clearly. It will serve as a great source of information and reference for aspiring adventure motorcyclists.

Building the Ultimate Adventure Motorcycle
By Robert Wicks
Haynes Publishing
ISBN: 9781844258369
Price: $34.95

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