PressurePro Motorcycle Tire Monitor

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A slow leak in a tire can ruin your whole day — or worse! All too often, the first indication of pressure loss occurs when you lean into a corner and lose control of your bike.

We recently tried out a PressurePro Moto Monitor system, which constantly checks tire pressure and alerts the rider before a tire becomes dangerously underinflated. The system consists of a compact dash-mounted panel that shows the status of each tire, and a pair of pressure-sending units that screw onto the tire-valve stems. If you have a trike, sidecar, or trailer, the system can monitor up to six tires, just by adding extra sensors ($50 each).

Sending units are capable of reading pressures from 10 psi to 199 psi and can display pressures in PSI or metric BAR or kPa. The monitor has two low-pressure alert levels that flash bright red lights — the first at 12.5% and the second at a 25% drop in pressure. There’s also a variable high-pressure alert that can be manually adjusted from 10% to 45% high; note that the high pressure alert comes factory-set to alert at a 24 psi increase. Monitors self-test for signal strength and sensor counts during operation.

RoadRUNNER installed the kit on a Honda NT700V using double-sided Velcro to attach it to the handlebar “dogbone” — special mounts are currently under development. It only requires about 1.2 watts of 12-volt power, so we tapped into a nearby light wire that is powered whenever the ignition is on. Once you have the baseline tire pressure adjusted, setting up the system only takes a few minutes, following the included instructions.

The screen alternates between front and rear pressure readings and is clearly visible day or night. Everything worked as claimed, and when we bled out 5 psi of pressure the first alert came on, followed by the second alert as more air was bled. All components appear to be well designed and manufactured, and Advantage PressurePro has years of experience making units for trucks, buses, and RVs. A tire-pressure monitor adds another layer of safety and knowing that your tires are properly inflated adds to peace of mind. The MSRP on a two-wheel system is $250.


Advantage PressurePro LLC, (800) 959-3505

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