Midland Radio BT-2 D Wireless Intercom

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We’ve tested Bluetooth intercom systems in the past, so with each new product, our expectations unsurprisingly rise. Midland Radio’s BT-2 D wireless intercom doesn’t disappoint. User-friendly buttons and button logic, along with an easy to follow instruction manual, make installation a cinch. Each unit includes two ready-to-charge-and-use devices that also function independently from each other. Additionally, a set of two types of mounting hardware and microphones, a stereo cable, an AC dual charger, and a DC charger complete the system. Depending on your helmet type, the base can be installed with screws or adhesive, and there’s a choice of boom or wired mic.

The units can be paired with other Bluetooth enabled devices such as cell phones, mp3 players, and two-way radios. We really like this system because of the ability to connect two-way radios, which allows for communication among multiple riders. On its own, the devices can only be used by two people (rider/passenger or rider/rider). Bluetooth enabled two-way radios would be the easiest method to expand usability, but there’s another way. Via a GMRS cable (about $40, not included), you can connect your unit to a walkie-talkie. RoadRUNNER used two-way radios from Midland and enjoyed communicating through a whole group.

The BT-2’s motorcycle-to-motorcycle range is about 200 yards, but it depends on the terrain. The high definition speakers are quite flat with a large radius making them comfortable — even in a tight full-face helmet. The Automatic Gain Control (AGC) function automatically adjusts the volume in relation to background noise. This option can also be adjusted manually or turned off, a welcome relief when riding with someone who leaves the helmet cracked open. Otherwise the units will turn on every few minutes, which can distract and irritate even the most focused rider.

According to the manufacturer, the weatherproofed devices last up to eight hours on a full charge — during testing, batteries ran for nearly a full day of riding.

Price: $399.99


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