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Fall Camping Destinations

Aug 23, 2010 View Comments by

Although the sweltering summer heat wave has abated only days ago, the first cool evenings serve as a reminder that Old Man Winter is standing in the shadows, eyeing much of the country like a thug in a dark alley. Fall is a bittersweet time for me, as I’m torn between the pressing yard work […]

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Children of Moquegua

Aug 18, 2010 View Comments by

Sometimes the best way to help is to spread the word. RoadRUNNER contributor Neale Bayly traveled to Peru many years ago where he met Father Gio. They formed a strong bond and friendship, and Gio showed Neale some of the poverty that children live in out in a remote desert. After Gio’s death in 2001, […]

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Fuzeblock FZ1

Aug 17, 2010 View Comments by

There is no shortage of useful electronic gadgets to attach to our motors. Satellite navigational systems, heated clothing, cell phones, to name only a few, are all great fun but do present some challenges. Arguably the four most critical are: Overloading the often anemic electrical systems of our bikes Connecting all the wires in a […]

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2010 Touring Weekend Follow-Up

Aug 16, 2010 View Comments by

As we pre-ride the North Carolina route the day before the event begins, we come upon a disturbing sign: “Road Closed: Local Traffic Only.” This is not what you want to find when the designated lunch stop for participants in the 2010 RoadRUNNER Touring Weekend is at the end of that closed road. Apparently a […]

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Managing a Breakdown

Aug 16, 2010 View Comments by

Thanks to many technological advances, the likelihood of a modern motorcycle breaking down and stranding its rider is far less likely than it was several decades ago. Still, the possibility exists for a punctured tire, engine failure, broken chain or any one of a number of other unexpected malfunctions. The important thing is that you […]

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Western Maryland’s Mountain Thunder

Aug 16, 2010 View Comments by

Attraction: Journey back in time by traveling through the Allegheny Mountains aboard the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad.  Restored train coaches are pulled by a 1916 Baldwin 2-8-0 steam locomotive, nicknamed Mountain Thunder (or by a restored diesel engine).  The train leaves Cumberland at 11:30 am, has a 1 1/2 hour layover in Frostburg for lunch […]

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RoadFOOD: Princess Restaurant in Frostburg, MD

Aug 16, 2010 View Comments by

12 West Main Street Frostburg, MD  21532 (301) 689-1680 GPS Coordinates: 39º 39’ 27.35” N, 78º 55’ 42.46” W For more RoadFOOD information and locations, or to post your comments or suggestions, go to

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Treat Yourself to One Last Summer Vacation

Aug 13, 2010 View Comments by

August usually means summer’s over; it’s back to school time! But those of us lucky enough to live here in the Good Ol’ South,  (RoadRUNNER’s main office is in NC) enjoy great riding weather on in to the month of October. That means more time for “day-cations” and weekend motorcycling trips! And if you have […]

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Go-Go Caddy

Aug 13, 2010 View Comments by

The two hobbies of riding motorcycles and playing golf usually don’t go hand in hand. Although, both can easily take up your whole weekend. I have played with the idea of strapping a golf bag, or hockey gear, or fishing gear, to my motorcycle numerous times. I recently got an email about the Go-Go Caddy. […]

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Digital Communities

Aug 10, 2010 View Comments by

I must be going through some sort of Post RoadRUNNER Touring Weekend Depression, itching not only to ride, but to talk about riding and bikes and adventures with like-minded individuals. Coming back to the “real” world, I realize that as riders we sometimes speak in a different tongue than “normal” folk. Try saying “I’m glad […]

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App Crazy

Aug 09, 2010 View Comments by

I recently returned from the magazine’s 5th Touring Weekend in Bristol VA, my first. Had a blast – great roads, great food, great folks. I also gave a presentation humorously titled “A Brief History of the Influence of Technology on Two-Wheeled Vehicular Transportation.”

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