Scootology Scootcup

Nov 01, 2009 View Comments by

While we do our fair share of scootering at RoadRUNNER, motorcycles remain our primary focus. Maybe that’s why we didn’t quite know what to make of the Scootology’s Scootcup when it first arrived. Though a nifty design, this neoprene drink holder attachment for the glove box of a scooter didn’t really pique our interest at first. But as the mercury began climbing, the Scootcup and its additional Velcro® belt holder were pressed into action. And now, this easy to carry insulating bottle-wrap has become a summer road-trip regular. Not only does it cinch to a belt, it also attaches easily to handlebars. (Just be careful to ensure the bottle can’t work its way to a spot that interferes with the steering.) No matter what you ride, hydration is of paramount importance, and the Scootcup makes taking the water along a whole lot easier. Plus, the $1 from the purchase of your Scootcup that goes to the charity of your choice makes it an even cooler deal.

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