NEXX X30 Viper Modular Helmet 

Nov 01, 2009 View Comments by

Seven-year-old Portuguese helmet manufacturer, NEXX, has delivered a futuristically styled DOT approved helmet which fuses flip-up function with full-face safety. The visor and chin vent component functions like a modular helmet, but the homologated chin bar remains in place. The helmet’s weight, noise, and aerodynamics all feel closer to a full-face than a modular, and that’s meant as a compliment. Sizing seems to run slightly loose, so try one on if you can. A convenient internal smoked sun visor drops down by deploying a slider on the left cheek. The geometrically patterned liner is removable for cleaning as are the cheek pads. The ratchet-style padded chin strap features a quick-release pull tab.

One drawback is that you cannot crack open the visor for ventilation without lifting the entire front module, which can potentially create hazardous aerodynamic disturbances while riding. This could prove especially problematic if the chin venting is inadequate in the event of rain, condensation, uncomfortable heat, big yellow bug splatter, or other circumstances in which you would normally lift your visor. Also, there are no ear pockets; so if you use speakers or earphones this may cause a fitment issue. If head-turning looks and theoretically enhanced safety trump the aforementioned inconveniences though, this may be the helmet for you.

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