Held Tamaso Jacket and Sakai Pants

Nov 01, 2009 View Comments by

The Tamaso jacket is the right choice for hot weather riding. Lots of mesh material in the front, back, and around the arms ensure ample airflow. It also comes with soft CE protectors in the shoulders and elbows, and hard CE protectors are optional. The jacket features four well-placed outer pockets and two inner ones. I like the general fit and feel of this jacket.

Everything feels soft, and nothing bulks up anywhere. I wore it riding several types of bikes in all types of body positions, and it always felt comfortable. A zipper widens the cuffs, and Velcro® holds the flap in place. Simple features like these really go unnoticed while looking at a jacket in a store, but they become very apparent when out on the road and actually needing to use them. The Tamaso jacket can be zipped to the matching Sakai pants.

The Sakai pants have comparable features to the jacket, and it is possible to upgrade the hip protectors. The soft CE protectors at the knees are standard. There are six outer pockets in which to store your belongings. The cargo pockets on the side also double as vents. The pockets can be accessed via different zippers, and mesh material covers the upper legs, shins, and calves to keep the lower body cool. And, in case you’re riding your bike to a hiking trail or just want to do some walking, the legs can be unzipped above the knee, leaving you in shorts.

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