GoPro Motorsports HERO Wide

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“You ought to be in pictures.” And with GoPro’s HERO camera that proposition is almost easier done than said. This super small, lightweight video-and-still camera can give you the necessary raw footage to create a moving tribute of your next ride. Measuring in at 1.75 x 2.3 x 1.25 inches, the HERO, when outfitted with the optional 2GB SD card, is capable of capturing nearly one hour of action from just about any angle imaginable. The kit includes three flat and two curved adhesive mounts, two horizontal and one vertical quick release buckles, and one suction cup mount that’s perfect for affixing to helmets and fairings. A three-way pivoting side arm assembly is also included and further increases the possibilities of funky perspectives. The kit includes a shockproof polycarbonate housing that is also waterproof up to 100 feet in depth. Didn’t know that Aquaman owned a bike, did you?

Setting up the HERO is a painless affair and the detailed, yet easy to follow instructions will have aspiring YouTubers up and running in no time. Some of its interesting functions include triple-shot sequencing, five-second photo intervals, a self timer, and an upside-down video flip function. And with an ultra-wide 170-degree angle of view, no strange aiming or numerous shots to determine the best angle are necessary. Just point the HERO in the direction you want to shoot and ride on. The video quality is a bit on the “jumpy” side, but it’s actually quite impressive considering how much something so little captures. And the aperture adequately compensates for lighting extremes (riding into and out of shaded areas) without the footage displaying lengthy black- or whiteouts. Some simple editing software may be required to truly seize the essence of the ride, however, as sound quality is questionable at best. But for its price, picture quality and ease of operation, the GoPro HERO is tough to beat.

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