Slime Power Sport Tire Inflator

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Flat tires happen, it’s one of those terribly unpleasant aspects of spending time on the road. Thankfully, most street bike tires are the tubeless variety, which makes a roadside plug job a fairly painless procedure. Thanks to the folks at Slime, an easy, quick method of reinflation is at hand. The Power Sport Tire Inflator is a very portable 12-volt, 300psi air compressor that’s barely larger than the original Walkman®. The inflator kit consists of a direct battery connection, battery clips, or a DC (cigarette lighter) plug. Once the power is flowing, connect the hose to the tire valve and flick the switch.
To test the effectiveness of the Slime inflator, I dropped seven psi from a motorcycle tire and then topped it off. In two separate attempts, three minutes were needed to get the tire back to proper pressure. Granted, a totally flat tire may take a while, and since the pump does heat up, it shouldn’t be run for more than eight minutes. But, compared to a tow, that’s no time at all in the greater scheme of things. The inflator comes in a semi-hard case and all attachments are included. Considering its compact size, 6′ x 6′ x 2′, this pump might be a welcome addition to your saddlebags.

Power Sport Tire Inflator
Price: $34.95

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