RATCO 3rd Brake Light System

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To say that being visible to motorists in lower light situations is important to motorcyclists is an extreme understatement. While plenty of eye-catching options are available to boost our visibility from the front, not many have come along to protect the rear flank. Enter RATCO’s 3rd Brake Light System, a highly effective and easy to use device that will greatly increase your visibility to those traveling behind you. Simply install the self-adhesive, six-LED receiver to the back of your helmet, and replace the existing taillight with the twelve-LED bulb, that’s also a coded FM transmitter. When the brake lights illuminate, the lights on the back of the helmet light up as well, it’s that easy. The kits are available for 3157 and 1157 type bulbs, as well as a universal hard wire option. I installed a 3rd Brake Light System to our long-term test bike, the Dyna Superglide, and had it up and glowing in no time. Should an after-dark breakdown occur, there is a feature that allows the LED array to act as an emergency flasher. If your riding has you out after dark, the reasonably priced RATCO Third Brake Light System is well worth considering.

RATCO 3rd Brake Light System
Price: $59.95

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