Motonation Spidi Fjord H2OUT Touring Gloves

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There’s only one complaint about Spidi regarding the Fjord H2OUT Touring Gloves. Their claim of ‘all weather’ could be somewhat of an exaggeration if the gloves are used in warm weather. They are definitely more at home in cooler to cold temperatures than in a July, Atlanta rush hour. Now that winter has fallen across most of the country, the Fjords can show their true character. These top-of-the-line cowhide items feature the same H2OUT system used in Spidi’s other touring apparel, along with Prima Loft waterproof and breathable insulation throughout the construction. From the protection perspective, Spidi’s own semi-solid ‘Super Fabric’ is employed on the knuckles and other areas that are likely to take a hit in an accident. Dual Velcro® enclosures and long gauntlets ensure that these gloves not only stay put, they ward off any stray cold breezes too. Summer rides may not be the best venue for the Spidi Fjords, but for those who aren’t afraid to continue the ride after the leaves have fallen, this is a set of gloves well worth a closer look.

Spidi Fjord H2OUT Touring Gloves
Sizes: S-XXXL
Price: $159.99

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