Gerbing Cascade Extreme Riding Suit

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A late October ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway, with its explosion of reds and yellows, is one of the most beautiful rides imaginable. Yet, the higher elevations and the autumnal temperatures can conspire to make for a frigidly unpleasant affair. Such was the case several months ago. Thankfully, Gerbing’s Cascade Extreme riding suit was along for the ride. This well styled, sharp-looking, 3/4-length jacket with matching pants is serious riding gear designed by and for motorcyclists. The outer shells are constructed of abrasion-resistant 330-denier ballistic fabric and reinforced at the sleeves and knees with 1000-denier ballistic fabric. There is extra protection in the form of strategically placed, high-impact, foam padding and CE-approved TPro body armor. Ample pocket space on both garments, with Velcro® and snap closures, along with a full complement of waterproof zippers, are also real-world features that any rider can appreciate.

But the real magic of the Cascade Extreme lies below the surface, in the heated liner. The evening prior to departure, I attached the suit’s power source to the bike’s battery. A small, nondescript, electrical connector extending from beneath the seat was the only outward indication that the bike was wired for heat. Gerbing’s Portable Dual Temp-Controller (twin on/off switches with separate heat controllers) connects to this lead, and plugs into the Gerbing’s Power Distribution Unit (PDU) sewn into the jacket’s liner. Then, simply plug the remaining two controller wires into the corresponding PDU jacks and you’re ready to go. You can run the whole outfit – gloves to jacket, jacket to pants, and pants to socks – and be warm from your chin to your toes. You can also adjust the heat output for the gloves and pants separately from the jacket.

Having only worn wired garments in a piecemeal manner before, I was amazed at how nice a fully heated outfit is. As the temperatures drop at sunset, it’s a comforting feeling to pull over, plug in, and immediately feel the warmth throughout. The standard heated socks are thick, wooly, and heated from top to bottom. The G3 heated, gauntlet-style gloves are in super-soft leather that contours to the hand. Complete with a waterproof, breathable membrane and Thinsulate® insulation, they heat the entire length of each finger and the back of the hand. Cold-weather riding has never been so comfy.

But don’t think that the Cascade Extreme riding suit has to hit the closet once the temperatures rise. Simply remove the heated liners and you have gear that’s right at home on those warmer days. Vents under the jacket arms, on the sleeves, and in the chest keep the air moving nicely. On top of everything else, this is a very comfortable riding outfit, and it easily stood up to a 900- mile, three-day trip. Though the price may seem a little steep, keep in mind that you’re essentially getting two suits in one. Whether riding in the summer’s heat or winter’s frigid bite, Gerbing’s Cascade Extreme has you covered in comfort and style.

Cascade Extreme Riding Suit Jacket
Sizes: XS-XXL
Colors: Black / Gray, Black / Red, Black / Yellow
Price: $425

Sizes: XS-XXL
Colors: Black
Price: $299

G3 Heated Gloves
Sizes: XS-XXL
Colors: Black
Price: $169

Standard Heated Socks
Sizes: Unisex 5-15
Colors: Size 5-12 Black, 13-15 White
Price: $59

Portable Temp-Controller
Price: $99

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