GARNY™ – LeatherSpex™

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Needless to say, proper ocular protection is a must when out on the road. Aside from the obvious hazards of dust, debris, and insects, the constant battery of wind can cause a degradation of vision. Needing a new pair of specs, I was excited to receive a new pair of GARNY™ LeatherSpex™. With frames constructed entirely of hand-rubbed leather, these glasses look way cool. They come with separate lenses in clear, yellow, and gray that mount with impressive ease via three convenient snaps. Slipping them on, I was immediately happy with their comfort and light weight.
Unfortunately, the LeatherSpex™ have one drawback that keeps them off of my A-list. Due to their wrap-around design, I’ve yet to find a way to use them with a full-face helmet. While I have managed to get them in place with a 3/4 or flip-front lid, the struggle is more trouble than it’s worth. That’s unfortunate too, because once on, the glasses offer excellent wind protection, visibility, 100% UV protection, and they’re ANSI Z87.1 rated. These shades have proven to be nearly ideal for countless other outdoor endeavors, but they come up short for those of us who want to use them while riding with a proper helmet.

Colors: Black, Brown
Price: $135

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