Sonora Rally: Introduces Adventure Raid

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Sonora Rally Introduces Adventure Raid

Sonora, Mexico’s second largest state, is home to an area of million-year-old sand dunes, or “ergs.” Geologically, the Sonoran erg is one of only five of its type in the world, and the only one in North America. It is a mystical and mesmerizing place with unparalleled landscapes, indigenous cultures, and stunningly beautiful beaches. Celebrated for its premium steaks, seafood, and authentic tortillas de harina (flour tortillas), Sonora captures the essence of Northern Mexico. What better location to hold the Yokohama Sonora Rally?!

Created by Dakar veterans Darren Skilton and Scott Whitney in 2014, this five-day off-road navigation rally has brought rally raid, a mainstream attraction in Europe and Africa, to the forefront of the North American world. Organizers have fueled the passion and growth of the sport authentically, bringing decades of experience in the form of world-class road books, pre-event navigation classes, and professional logistics management. And 2019 introduces a noncompetitive Adventure Raid component as well.

The Raid
Adventure Raid is a guided trip that’s open to street-legal four-wheel drive vehicles such as Jeeps, Raptors, and Tacomas, as well as dual-sport BMWs and KTMs. On the first day, Adventure Raid members join competitors in an instructional navigation class. The next day the group travels at an easy going pace, allowing time to take in the scenery and absorb the full Sonora Rally experience. At predetermined points, riders turn off on lonely two-tracks that intersect the racecourse to get close to the action. Participants have the choice of following their guide or venturing out on their own, navigating via provided GPS tracks. When the sun dips toward the horizon, everyone heads for the nightly bivouac to experience rally raid at its finest.

The Bivouac
Sonora Rally is renowned for its unique bivouacs, or camplike gatherings. Erected deep in the desert or near sandy beaches on the Sea of Cortez, they are a place of camaraderie where world-class competitors, amateur racers, and crews mingle and share tales of their exploits. Adding to the festivities, celebrity chefs provide locally sourced food, artisanal beer and Mexico’s famous Guadalupe wine. Spend four nights in a hotel (included with registration) or camp under the stars. After the morning gatherings for breakfast, participants head out for another exciting day of exploration.

This year’s Adventure Raid was led by Chris Collard, an internationally recognized journalist and adventurer, who has traversed all seven continents by four-wheel drive and is an Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame inductee. The Sonora Rally took place March 17-22. To learn more and for future rallies and updates visit:

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