Harley-Davidson LiveWire Electric Bike

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Harley-davidson LiveWire Electric Bike

In 2014, Harley-Davidson announced plans for its first electric motorcycle. Now, the company is taking orders for the 2020 LiveWire (starting at $ 29,799), with deliveries expected this fall. Targeting a new generation of riders, the company says the plug-in machine offers “the perfect combination of power, performance, and technology” and represents the future of Harley-Davidson.

The bike is expected to catch the eye of consumers who want to zip around city streets or commute from the suburbs. It’s lightweight and accelerates quickly, going 0 to 60 in less than 3.5 seconds, and its clutch-free design should be appealing to new riders. It can travel about 110 miles before needing to recharge; then, you can plug it in to any standard household outlet for a full charge overnight, or, for a faster charge, plug it in at any public Level 3 DC Fast Charge station. In addition to electric propulsion, the LiveWire features a full suite of electronic rider aids and interfaces. What’s more, you can use the latest version of the H-D App to connect remotely through your smartphone. You can also check the battery charge or other stats, see the bike’s location on a map, locate a charging station, receive service reminders—and even get security alerts if someone tampers with or moves the LiveWire.

The LiveWire won’t sound like any Harley you’ve ever heard. Instead of the distinctive Harley engine sound, the electric motorcycle will produce a futuristic new “signature Harley-Davidson sound” as it accelerates. We don’t know what that will sound like, but we’ll let you know as soon as we test it.

To find out more visit www.harley-davidson.com/us/en/motorcycles/future-vehicles/livewire.html.


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