Appalachian Motorcycle Tour: Little Switzerland, NC [Photos]

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Scenic mountain view near Little Switzerland, North Carolina in the Appalachian mountains

With spectacular views and curves galore, the North Carolina portion of the Appalachian Mountains boasts a feast for the senses. Depending on the time of year, you’ll be treated to a visual masterpiece of lush greenery or eye-popping reds, oranges, and yellows at every turn. As the endorphins and adrenaline kick in, you’ll practically be able to taste the excitement as you tour through the oldest mountain chain in North America. From the power you feel as your hands work the clutch and brake, the feeling of the wind and the fluctuating temperatures as the elevation changes as you ride, to the exhilarating sound of your motorcycle—you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time.

As this area is nearly in our backyard, we’ve featured many exciting tours that cover the gamut of spectacular riding roads the region has to offer. One such tour is the Little Switzerland, NC Shamrock Tour® featured in the March/April ’14 issue. On this tour, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Christa Neuhauser explores 820 miles of some of the best riding in the area.

A perfect base for a multi-day tour, Little Switzerland is a hidden gem in the Appalachians that is rich in history and boasts an array of outdoor activities, wonderful places to stay, such as the Skyline Village Inn and The Switzerland Inn, as well as delicious dining options and plenty of shopping opportunities.

Of course, the real treat is the easy access to the superb riding roads and incredible scenery this corner of the world provides. From the Blue Ridge Parkway to other noteworthy roads such as Highway 209 (aka The Rattler) and 226A The Diamondback, this area is truly a motorcyclist’s dream.

Here are some bonus photos from the Little Switzerland Shamrock Tour—plus free access to the full article one week—that will undoubtedly inspire your next trip. No matter how many times we ride the roads on this motorcycle tour, it never gets old! Enjoy!


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