AltRider Crash Bars For Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin Adventure Sports

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Adventure riders know: even bikes that are supposedly built to “handle anything” and “take you anywhere” have limits. Even a bike as rugged as the Honda Africa Twin will break under enough pressure. To protect yours, AltRider has developed its three-piece Crash Bar system to fit all Adventure Sports models. Although the components can be purchased and installed separately, enabling riders to pick and choose their levels of protection, our focus is on the full “roll-cage” package for maximum defense against damage.
Starting closest to the ground, the AltRider system’s Lower Crash Bars are designed to protect the bike’s engine cases and castings. The TIG-welded stainless steel tubes for this component are 1.25inches in diameter which, according to the company, are twice as strong as a 1-inch diameter tubing—meaning increased protection for your motor’s most vulnerable parts, without any noticeable drain on power or interference with your movements.

Slightly thinner in diameter than the Lower Crash Bars, the 1-inch thick Upper Crash Bars cover both sides of the motorcycle to protect the radiator and easily-damaged plastic components. Owners of the Africa Twin will know that the bike’s high, lean profile comes at the cost of greater vulnerability in the event of a tip over, and the Upper Crash Bars are designed for just that reason.
The Upper and Lower Crash Bars are connected by the system’s Reinforcement Bar, which completes the “roll-cage” design to provide full coverage of the bike’s vitals. Together, the individual components create a protective unit that fully encloses the essential parts of the engine, deflecting impact from all sides.

Available in black, red, or silver, the hand-welded stainless steel system is compatible with both DCT and manual transmission models. Installing is straightforward, and can be done using basic mechanical tools. I’ve done several of these systems over the years, and this one took me about an hour to complete. There are, however, one or two downsides, including incompatibility with the optional DCT foot shifter and some Honda-brand crash bar components. But these are common issues to most any attempt to integrate products from multiple manufacturers. The complete AltRider system offers substantial enough protection to eliminate the need for further components.

If you’re putting your Africa Twin to use the way it was intended to be—that is, you use it to travel where few other bikes are capable— then the AltRider Crash Bar should be on top of your accessory to-do list. In the event of an accident, it could prevent damages to your motor that cost more to repair than the price of the system itself. While you’re at it, consider the beefy AltRider skid plate, too.

Price: $696.97 (full system)
Colors: black, red, silver

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