How to Convert a Google My Maps link to a GPX File

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In an earlier post, I showed you how to convert a Google Map link to a GPX file after you’ve made your motorcycle tour route with Google directions. This time I’ll be showing you how to do the same thing, but using a link made with Google’s My Maps.

With the route that had your heart aflutter as you were making it now complete, you need to get it off Google and onto your GPS unit. Of course, you could download it as a kml or kmz file (Google Earth files), import it into Garmin Basecamp, and then save it as a gpx file, but what if you don’t have Basecamp installed or you don’t feel like doing all that? Here’s a great alternative that anyone with a computer can do!

How to Convert a Google My Maps link to a GPX File

Getting Started

If you’re the route creator (if someone shared the link with you skip to the next part) open the route in Google My Maps. In the menu to the left, choose the option to Share. You’ll be asked to name your route and add an optional description.

How to Convert a Google My Maps link to a GPX File

Once you’ve clicked Share, the Share settings window will pop up in the middle of your screen. You’ll see your link and a couple of options here. These options are important, so make sure you change them according to how your route will be used before copying the link.

The default option is usually set to Off – Specific people, meaning only you or someone you explicitly invite can view the map. If that’s what you want, that’s fine, but this privacy setting will block GPS Visualizer from converting your link to a gpx file. You’ll get a “No convertible data detected!” error, which isn’t helping your plight.

How to Convert a Google My Maps link to a GPX File - anyone with a link

So, make sure you change your share settings to On – Anyone with a link. With this option, your route isn’t public, but can be accessed by anyone with the link. You can also set it to public if you wish to share your epic ride with the world.

Once you click save in the link sharing settings, you’ll be sent back to the window with the link to your route. Copy the link (Command + c for Mac and Cntrl + c for PC).

Working with a Link Someone Shared With You
(If you’re the creator skip this section)

If you someone shared a Google My Maps link with you, it’ll look a little different. When you open the link, you’ll see SHARE below the title of the route. Click SHARE.

How to Convert a Google My Maps link to a GPX File - share

After you’ve clicked SHARE, the options for sharing via Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and email will pop up. Choose the email option. This will automatically start an email for you, where you will see the link in the body of the email. Copy this link (Command+c for mac, Cntl+c for pc), then hit your browser’s back button to return to the map view.

How to Convert a Google My Maps link to a GPX File - share via email

Converting Your MyMaps to Link a GPX File

Now it’s time to make your way to one of the niftiest online GPS platforms ever—GPS Visualizer. If you’ve read or watched the tutorial on how to convert a Google Map link to a GPX file after making your route using Google Directions, you already know what to do. But if you haven’t, then continue following me down the yellow brick road, my friend.

Once you’ve reached GPS Visualizer’s output-convert page, you’ll see a gray box and at the top of your screen, where there will be an option for Output format. Select GPX.

Next, paste your Google MyMap link in the box beside Or provide the URL of a file on the Web (Command+v for mac, Cntrl+v for pc).

How to Convert a Google My Maps link to a GPX File - GPS visualizer

At the bottom of the gray box, you’ll see a green bar that says [+] show advanced options. Once you click this, it’ll provide you with Track options. In the second line of options, select Yes for the Merge all tracks. This keeps your motorcycle route as one route. If you skip this part, the route will be split into several different segments, which can send some GPS units into a state of extreme despair.

Lastly, direct your attention back to the gray box and click the green Convert button at the top right-hand side.

After you’ve clicked convert, you’ll be sent to a new page that will contain a link to your shiny new gpx file. You’ll find it in the third line down and it’ll begin with Click to download…

How to Convert a Google My Maps link to a GPX File- download

Once you click this download link, your file will be whisked off to the place on your computer that you have designated for downloads, usually the Downloads folder or your Desktop.

**If you’re using a link that was shared with you and you get the “No convertible data detected!” error after clicking Convert, contact the sharer and ask them to change their share settings to On – Anyone with a link pronto.

Locate your newly downloaded file and rename it right way so you’ll be able to find it later. Now you’re ready to import it into your GPS unit and find out if the motorcycle ride you mapped out is as exciting as it looks on Google!


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