How to Convert Your Google Map Link into a GPX File

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Motorcycle route

You’ve just created the best motorcycle route ever—a loop so super it’ll make everyone in your riding group feel like they have an ‘S’ on their chest. But in this case, the ‘S’ stands for scenic, sweeping, and sinuous.

There’s just one problem. You made the route with Google Map’s Directions feature (if you used Google My Maps go here) and there’s no option to download a gpx file of your route so you can import it to your GPS unit. Great! Now your amazing riding day is starting to look like doomsday …

Don’t throw in the towel just yet! In this post, I’ll show you how to convert your Google map link into a gpx file so you’ll be riding in no time. Let’s get started!

A Couple Steps in Google

Once your route is completed, you’ll start by clicking on the three white horizontal bars in the top left corner of the blue direction box.

Google Menu

After you click on menu a white side panel will pull up on the left. From this menu, select Share or embed map. A box will pop up in the center of the screen with your link. I recommend clicking on Short URL so that the link isn’t so long. Now, just Copy your Google map link (Control C for PC or Command C for Mac).

Get to ‘Visualizing’

Navigate to the following website: (be sure to bookmark this page for future reference). Once here, you’ll see a gray box and at the very top, there’ll be an option for Output format. Select GPX.

Next, paste your Google Map link in the box beside Or provide the URL of a file on the Web.

Then, select show advanced options in the green bar at the bottom of the gray box. You’ll be shown Track options. Select Yes for the Merge all tracks option. This will keep your tour as one entire route. If you don’t choose yes, the route will be split into several different segments and this can be disagreeable with some GPS units.

GPS Visualizer output options

Finally, scroll back up and click the light green Convert button at the top right-hand side of the gray box.

Download and Off You Go!

Once you click convert you’ll be directed to a new page. The third line down contains the link to your gpx file. It will begin with Click to download… Once you click it, the file will be sent to the place on your computer that you have designated for downloads, usually the Downloads folder or your Desktop.

Share or embed map

After you locate the newly downloaded file, rename it so you’ll be able to find it later, and then you’re ready to import it into your GPS unit. Now all that’s left is to email the gpx file to all your friends and enjoy the ride!

*Chrome was used for this tutorial. The overall steps are the same but may look slightly different in other web browsers.



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