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Lucas Oil


I have been using various Lucas products in my motorcycles and four-wheeled vehicles for many years. And after I received a package of their latest products to try out, that prior experience gave me a good head start on product familiarity. Lucas has a slew of products, including some innovative new ones, which are applicable to both motorcycles and those four wheelers we sometimes drive. In fact, there are more Lucas products than I knew existed!
The company’s current lineup includes engine oils, greases, gear lubes, as well as special additives and vehicle-care products. So far I’ve tried out the latest Lucas motorcycle oil in both my Kawasaki KLR 650 and my Harley-Davidson Road King, with good results. Semi-synthetic 10W40 went into the KLR. In the Harley, I used Lucas API SL Certified, synthetic SAE 50W motorcycle oil, which is specially formulated with high-performance additives designed for all four-stroke, air-cooled twin engines made after 1984. Big air-cooled V-twin engines can get very hot in summer, especially when stuck in traffic with little air flow. The 50 weight provides the film strength needed to protect the internal engine parts from that kind of abuse, when oil temperatures can soar to near 300 degrees F.

One of the things I noticed right away with both bikes was less clatter and valve noise at initial startup and during idling. The higher film strength seems to stay in place while the bike is shut off. Another benefit of premium oils is resistance to oxidation and boil off, where oil actually evaporates inside the engine when hot, and is lost as vapor through the crankcase breather.

Lucas also offers Synthetic Gear Oil for separate gearboxes, and Primary Chaincase Oil, which serves to cool the clutch friction surfaces and carry away the heat. Additionally, I tried the Chain Lube, which foams when it’s sprayed on, and soaks in and sticks to the links nicely. It seems to cling on for quite a while, longer than the product I was using before.

Yet another handy item is Lucas Fuel Conditioner with stabilizers, designed to work with modern ethanol-laced gasoline. It contains oxidation inhibitors to slow the process of fuel becoming stale, and fights gumming and corrosion from alcohol. They also have synthetic Fork Oil which comes in four different grades (5, 10, 15 and 20 weight) depending on the application. Their additive chemistry is formulated to provide more responsive handling, less static friction, wear protection and prevent seal hardening.

Lucas Oil Products, Inc., is an American-based manufacturer and distributor of automotive oils, additives and other lubricants, founded by Forrest Lucas and his wife Charlotte back in 1989. Today it produces and distributes about 270 different formulations, sold in 40 countries, from two major plants in the United States. Lucas also sponsors motor racing, which is a good thing!
So far, all the Lucas products I’ve tried worked as claimed and have proven to be of excellent quality. In the U.S., Lucas products are sold in more than 30,000 auto parts stores and motorcycle shops. For more information or the location of the nearest dealers, contact Lucas at 855-462-9335 or

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