Clearwater Lights: Darla LED Light Kit Innovv Motorcycle Power Hub 1

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Clearwater Lights: Darla LED Light Kit Innovv Motorcycle Power Hub 1


One of the many joys of getting a new motorcycle is deciding what farkles to add. For the 2016 FJR-1300ES the first decision was easy: a power distribution module. I wanted to start out on the right path with electrical modifications and avoid the ever-growing stack of ring connectors on top of the battery.

The Innovv Motorcycle Power Hub 1 module is the perfect choice for reducing wiring clutter and simplifying the addition of more electrical gadgets in the future. One very nice feature of the Innovv module is the ten-second delay, which allows full current to the starter motor before all the other electronics power up. The relay module shuts down when the key is off, helping to avert unwanted power draw and a dead battery, and it is small enough to tuck into any gap behind the fairing. Total capacity is 40 amps with 5 in-line, fuse-protected connectors, enough to handle lighting, heated clothing, phone, GPS, and other accessories.

The next farkle choice was lighting. Added lights increase the visibility of the bike and hazards on the road at night. Clearwater Lights products are manufactured in the U.S. and shipped worldwide. Their technical support team is available 24/7 to help with installation questions via email, but the set was so well designed that I didn’t need assistance.

Darla LED Lights are a compact two-inch diameter and emit over 2000 lumens on high power. A dimmer uses Pulse Width Modulation to control brightness with the low beams from 25 to 50 percent, so that you’re not blinding your buddy riding ahead. The kit was delivered complete with all the wiring harnesses, connectors, mounting brackets, and fasteners needed for the installation. Clearwater provides comprehensive bike-specific installation manuals for most of the major manufacturers’ lineups. Step-by-step instructions for the FJR1300 were complete with photos of the entire process. Wiring was simplified with the supplied Posi-Products connectors and an in-line jumper plug connector to the OEM headlight harness. The High Beam Isolation Relay sends full power to the lights with the high beams on.

Clearwater Lights: Darla LED Light Kit Innovv Motorcycle Power Hub 1The first step of installation calls for removal of the front fairing and the dash-panel covers. The battery and headlight connector are located under the right-side covers, and the dimmer knob is installed on the left. Wires were tucked in and held with zip ties. It took less than an hour to complete wiring, and the same amount of time to mount the lights. The custom fork brackets include the Yamaha tuning forks logo silhouette, a very nice touch, and the brackets fit close to the fender, so you cannot access the mounting bolts on the lights with the brackets installed. Several tries were needed to adjust the beams to level.

While the bike was naked, I also took the time to install the controller for Gerbing’s heated clothing and the hard-wired connector for a Garmin GPS. This was our first time removing all the plastic from the bike, which stretched the total install time to a slow and careful 6.5 hours.

You can connect up to five devices to the Innovv module. I’ve connected three, leaving room for installing two more undetermined farkles.

Darla LED Light Kit
Price: $ 499
Innovv Motorcycle Power Hub 1
Price: $ 69


Review: Zane Elrod

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