Gift Ideas for the Holidays

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Holiday gift ideas


There’s still time to be a gift-giving super hero this Christmas. Make your special motorcyclist jump for joy with these holiday gift ideas!


Ultimate SeatsUltimate Seats
(877) 672-0288
Ultimate Seats are designed with your ultimate comfort as the first priority. Our design expertise guarantees to give you a long-distance, no “numb bum” ride with our exclusive comfort memory foam. We design our seat with the proper nose angle, which prevents sliding forward. With our seats, you sit in the seat, not on it. We stand behind our belief that our seats are the best in the market by offering a 14-day test ride guarantee.


Venture HeatVenture Heat
Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner Lite, (877) 261-9477
Venture Heat’s Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner Lite is designed for people who ride in cold and windy environments. The Heated Jacket Liner Lite is built with a water and wind resistant exterior nylon fabric. Each Jacket Liner Lite has seven good sized heating panels that keeps the rider warm on the back, chest, arms and collar. It also has a built-in digital thermal controller that allows riders easily to adjust heat to provide comfort in any time. Price: $239.99 Includes everything necessary for an easy install.


Ultrabrights 2-in-1 LED Driving Light/
Turn Signal Upgrades
These Ultrabright dual purpose upgrades fit inside the stock turn signal housing, and utilize white driving lights, which are always on. Switch the indicator on, the driving light goes out, and the equally bright LED amber turn signal lights up. Cancel your signal, and the driving light comes back on. Brake Light/Turn Signal Upgrades also available. $249.00 a pair

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