Gift Ideas for the Holidays

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Holiday gift ideas


Are you struggling to think of gift ideas for that special motorcyclist in your life? Or maybe you’d like to drop some not so subtle hints for what you want this Christmas? Take out the guesswork so everyone’s happy and a little less stressed this holiday season. For the next 19 days, we’ll be posting gift ideas that any motorcyclist will be sure to love—starting with these!


Holiday Gift Ideas3BR Powersports
(408) 725-8010

Never again miss that exciting video shot due to dead batteries in your GoPro HERO5 camera!
X~PWR-H5 all-weather external power kit installs quickly to the GoPro HERO5 mount frame & allows your GoPro HERO5 camera to be plugged into any external USB power source for continuous power. Record up to nine hours on a 64Gb chip.


Holiday Gift IdeasAdaptiv Technologies
TPX Pro Radar and Laser Detection System
(646) 722-0253

The TPX Pro is the most advanced motorcycle specific radar and laser detection system available today. It detects all the radar and laser bands used by law enforcement agencies throughout the country along with GPS Datapoint alerts for red-light cameras and camera-radars. Updates for the GPS Datapoint database is available for free for the lifetime of the unit. The radar detection function can also be disabled for use in areas where radar detectors are illegal. Available in North America and International versions.


Holiday Gift Ideas6D Helmets
ATS-1 Street Helmet
(714) 772-2121
Like Nothing Else: The revolutionary 6D ATS-1, designed with the sole intent of surpassing the existing safety certifications and offering riders a level of security well beyond traditional helmet designs. This helmet features 6D’s award-winning proprietary Omni-Directional Suspension technology which mitigates both angular and linear impact energy during an impact event; a capability unmatched by any other helmet in the market. Aerodynamic, luxurious, and comfortable, with unmatched style and function, all features that should place this helmet at the top of your priority list.
Sizes: XS – XXL
MSRP: $849.95


Check back tomorrow for more gift ideas!

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