Product Review: AltRider DualControl Brake System

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Adventure and dual-sport riders know that cornering maneuvers involve standing on the footpegs and at times heavily depending on the rear brake. Controlling the rear brake becomes an essential skill to master. The problem with most adventure motorcycles, such as the Tiger 800 XCx, is that they are compromise bikes by definition and lean toward road usage. Triumph, for example, equips the Tiger with a small rear brake pedal that has a low and smooth bulge. It is hard to control it in off-road situations, especially with a large boot.

To resolve this common issue, in 2016 AltRider came out with the DualControl Brake System, which is designed for multiple ADV motorcycles. The DualControl is a bi-level two-part piece made out of lightweight and strong billet aluminum. The first part is an enlarger, which is a wide and flat platform that easily bolts on top of the OEM rear brake pedal. The optional second part is a riser that bolts onto the left side of the enlarger. Since the rider’s body is moving in many directions, this solution allows easy engagement of either the enlarger or the riser, depending on the situation. There are also optional screw-in grip pins for both levels and they ensure that the boot doesn’t slip. The riser’s height is one inch. The installation process took me a few minutes with a hex key and some Loctite.

In order to validate the usefulness of this solution I rode my Tiger for several hundred miles in different terrain and conditions, including some unnerving moments going down steep off-road trails or climbing up a slippery hill.

It really worked as advertised and made a big difference compared to the OEM pedal, as it instilled a great deal of confidence due to much improved control of the rear brake. Before installing the DualControl, I applied an unnatural and awkward foot. The wider enlarger provides more finesse of the braking motion while the tall riser is easy to locate with the foot. The grips pins are equally valuable, and even with mud and water the right foot never lost traction of the brake pedal.

AltRider DualControl Brake System
Price: $57.97 for enlarger; $84.97 for enlarger and riser
Colors: silver, black

Review: Yuval Naveh


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